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Lullaby Brunch 2019

The first Lullaby Brunch was a beautiful event, raising funds for the 2019 Lullaby Project Reno.

Thank you to all of our guests, donors, and sponsors who made this a memorable event!

If you weren’t able to make it to the event, but would still want to support the Lullaby Project Reno, you can make your gift here.


Lullaby Project Reno

The Lullaby Project Reno began in 2017 as a joint project of the Reno Phil and Note-Able Music Therapy Services (NMTS), benefiting the women of STEP2.

The Lullaby Project Reno brings together NMTS music therapists, Reno Phil musicians, and Tanglewood Productions to support women in recovery as they write, orchestrate, perform, and record lullabies for their children.

Lullaby Project Reno is one of 25 international partner sites of the Carnegie Lullaby Project. 


A Glimpse of the 2018 Lullaby Project Reno

Allison’s Lullaby

I love you both more than you know

More than the stars shine

More than moons glow

You’re so perfect I wish you could see

How absolutely amazing you both are to me.


“The project has been amazing, and an incredible opportunity and blessing. Without their support, I don’t think I could have done it.”

Izzy’s Lullaby

I love you my darling

The apple of my eye

Forever and always

Until the end of time.


“This project has helped me recognize that all the doubts I had about myself are illusions.”

Tayanna’s Lullaby

Sunflowers, daisies, and little butterflies

The mood is yellow so softly close your eyes

Eskimo kisses, chicken nuggets, melted ice cream pops

I am here and you are there, but we are not apart.


“It gives me more confidence that I can do what I set out to do. Before I didn’t have a lot of
encouragement. Gives me encouragement and inspiration.”


From the Collaborators

“A beautiful thing to see”

“Watching this project unfold over the past two years has been so inspiring for me, both as a therapist and a musician. I have been humbled seeing each woman open up and commit fully to the project, to her recovery, and to her children. There are hours of tears, laughter, and love behind each lullaby – and the women share each other’s hopes and dreams for the future as they share their music. It is truly a beautiful thing to witness and be part of.”

Manal Toppozada
Executive Director,
Note-Able Music Therapy Services

“Extremely impactful”

“We are so grateful to the Reno Phil and Note-Able Music Therapy Services for providing our clients the opportunity to write and sing lullabies to their children.  This process and the outcome of a recorded lullaby for their children are extremely therapeutic and impactful to our women as they work to rebuild their lives.”

Mari Hutchinson

“A wonderful project”

“The Lullaby Project was one of the more immediately impactful things I have been able to participate in over the course of my career as a musician and educator. (This project) offers these women a shining and rare opportunity to receive affirmation and validation and take pride in something beautiful they have created. It is a truly wonderful thing.”

Eileen Brownell
Cellist, Reno Phil 

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Thank you to the Lullaby Brunch sponsors and supporters